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Want to know the difference between WINNERS AND LOSERS?

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We’re told by many “experts” that one of the secrets to a fulfilled and successful life is achieving goals – whether it’s your personal life, financial life, or business life.

And perhaps you’ve even experienced it yourself: creating a goal, visualising yourself completing it, and then accomplishing it… No matter how big or small it is, this process fills you with a sense of achievement and satisfaction… and a desire to move onto the next one on the list.


If you ask anyone who enjoys consistent success, they’ll tell you (rightly so) that the goal is not the most important bit. The strategy and actions that led to achieving the goal are the key to success. 

Below is a perfect example of a goal in life quote:-

French writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint- Exupéry said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

He was absolutely right…

Goals are great… but in reality, they’re somewhat pointless without a strategy (and of course the necessary action).

Think about what it takes to complete a sporting event like the famous cycle race the Tour de France (which comprises of 21 stages held over 23 days and covers a total distance of 3,351km).

You could set your goal to be the overall winner of this event… but without the right strategy and planning, as well as thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears (i.e. taking action), you would not accomplish your goal.

The same principle applies to everything else too – regardless of the goal or area of your life.

Yes, it is important to establish a goal, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming big and having ambitious goals; but the main reason people ultimately fail is because they have no strategy to complete (or even get started on) their goal. 

Well, this article looks at the strategies and actions that we need to consider in order to become a winner. (There is also one really crucial element to this… which we’ll cover later in this article.)


Goals + Actions = Success

Let’s start by looking at a couple of simple life goal examples:

An overweight person wants to lose 20kg in three months

The goal is to lose the 20kg, whilst the strategy could be creating a meal plan, avoiding certain foods and beverages, and walking for 30 mins each day for the next three months. The person could also weigh themselves every week to chart their progress against their goal. The key is to then take consistent action to achieve the goal.

Jose Mourinho wants to win the Premier League next season

The goal is of course to finish top of the Premier League, so the strategy would be to assess any improvements the team must make, whether in fitness, diet and tactics. It would also be important to analyse which positions need to be filled, identify and buy those players, and then integrate them into the team and ensure they prepare for every game in a thorough way.

REMEMBER: Goals should also be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

The more specific a goal is, the more you will be able to visualise it, live it, feel it, and want it. When a goal is measurable, you can better understand what you need to do, assess your progress and know how close you are to achieving it. 

If a goal is achievable and realistic (yet still challenging), you are more likely to stay motivated and determined – even when the going gets tough… and it will.

If you don’t feel your goal is achievable from the outset, you might not even make a start. 

And your goal should be timely. As with the two examples above – to lose weight in the next three months or win a championship next season, you need to define when you want to achieve your goal. 

As a ‘dealpreneur,’ you should also attach a monetary value to your goals. Because whether it’s a new car, house, holidays, or new business that you want, it will all take money to achieve it. 

If it has a monetary value, it will be easier to measure your progress – one of the five elements of the SMART methodology previously discussed. 


The Secret Sauce

To achieve your goals and overcome any challenges that you face, it’s crucial to set your intention – to set your goals in life. In other words, you must be crystal clear on your outcome – what you want to accomplish – but perhaps more importantly on WHY you want to accomplish it.

Knowing your outcome is crucial to success. It’s knowing what your desired intention is before you even start. The stronger your intent, the more likely you are to succeed in the long term. 

But you should have a strong, emotional ‘Why’. It should be more than just about the money – even though, in many cases, you will need money to achieve the goal you’ve set.

Think deeper: what exactly is it that you really want?

 Is it a better education for your children? Perhaps you want to buy your parents a house as a thank you for everything they did for you? You may want to provide quality medical care for a family member? Maybe there is a charity that’s close to your heart that you’d like to make a substantial donation to? 

You must explore your ‘Why’. This is in essence your cause, your purpose.

By understanding and defining your ‘Why’, you can ensure your goal is truly strategic. 

And your ‘Why’ must be stronger than the reasons to quit, so then when you face challenges and setbacks on your journey towards your goal, you’ll keep going – no matter what. 

This also highlights the importance of having an emotional ‘Why’.

Fear is a strong emotion and it can hinder us in a lot of ways. But fear can also serve a valuable purpose, helping to break through frustrations and challenges in order to achieve our goals. 

In your mind, if you have no choice but to succeed, if achieving your goal is an absolute must and failure is too painful to contemplate… then nothing else matters. Making sacrifices, working until the early hours, travelling five hours to a meeting – these won’t even be questioned.

All excuses go out of the window and you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. 



Earlier, you may recall I mentioned about one other crucial element when it comes to goals. 


Often the biggest missing element entrepreneurs and dealmakers have when pursuing their goals is holding themselves accountable.

Accountability will push you to do the tasks necessary to achieve your goals. 

As a ‘dealpreneur,’ you may often be working on your own or in isolation. You therefore need to have someone that you can hold yourself accountable to. Someone you trust, respect but also someone who won’t sugar coat any shortcomings. 

You could schedule a weekly call or email your achievements for the week to your accountability partner to ensure you deliver on what you need to. And of course, having added an emotional element to your goals, you’ll already understand that failure is not an option. Your accountability partner will add an extra layer of focus. 

So, winners set goals, create a strategy, take massive action, and ensure they are held accountable. 

Losers, of course, don’t. They may implement some or most of these elements; but if just one link in the chain is missing… it fails. 



There’s also one other thing winners do that losers don’t. It’s a subtle (but nevertheless crucial) element. 

It’s in the words they use… 

Losers use words such as “could,” “should,” “would,” “maybe” and “I’ll try”; whereas winners use words like “I will,” “I must,” and “I can”.

Consider this:

I am sure you’ve asked plenty of people “how are you today?” to which their reply was “not bad”. But did you ever wonder why they chose to use two negative words to describe feeling positive? 

Why not say “I’m great,” “I feel amazing,” or “I couldn’t be better”? You may think it’s just semantics – but it’s far more important than that.

You are what you think and what you say. Use your words carefully. After all, you want to be a winner, right?

Now over to you...

What are your goals in life and how do you set your mindset?

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