And our award goes to…


Kinsta WordPress Web Hosting

Kinsta has gotten itself a great reputation, and we are convinced by their main focus ‘managed WordPress hosting” and their ‘ease of use’ combo.

For me, our main reason for choosing Kinsta is that the use the Google Cloud Platform making it easy to grasp and to access.

They don’t use the traditional cPanel, and instead, they have had their own admin panel custom built making it so much easier to use. You get straight to the important metrics/details so much quicker.

So, what is it that sets Kinsta apart from its competition?

Well, from our point of view, this is what it comes down to:

  • You have the Power of the Google Cloud Platform, which is done in a way that’s so very simple to use.
  • Performance-optimized hosting, meaning that it’s ready for anything that’s thrown at you, such as traffic spikes.
  • Their security really is second to none.

OK…. it is a little more expensive than some of its competitors; however, it’s important to mention that you get FREE bandwidth. Also, their overage charges won’t break the bank, as many others do, so, with that in mind and you do go over your allowed bandwidth, you won’t get cut off or be charged extortionate amounts. would recommend Kinsta hosting if:

  • You are running a website that’s beginning to get a steady or rapid growth every month;
  • You already have an established website that gets a lot of traffic and don’t want surprises of any downtime;
  • If you’re running an online business such as an e-commerce store. Site performance here is of the essence!
  • If you’ve got a website that has sudden traffic spikes as this again could lead to sales, and you don’t want any downtime.


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