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(The Definitive Review and Ratings 2019)

Discover if WPX Web Hosting is best hosting choice for your company

There’s no doubt that WPX  Web Hosting has established themselves as being a trustworthy hosting company in the marketplace and who are creating quite a large buzz online.  In this detailed hosting review, I will put WPX Hosting through our rigorous testing and will look at the following aspects.

Performance: How fast will your website load using WPX Hosting and what measures have been put into place to ensure your website is available to your customer/ prospects without any downtime?

Usability – Does WPX Hosting offer everything necessary when building your website?

Support: Does WPX Hosting offer quick customer support solutions and help and can you count on them when it matters most?

Cost – Does WPX Hosting offer the best pricing within the marketplace? AND more importantly, what deals are available that can help you save money?

The Team at EntrepreneursGateway.com have put them to the test in this Definitive Review.

Let’s find out…

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WPX Hosting has proven records which display enhancing website performances to a great level with high loading speeds.


What I love about WPX Hosting is that it keeps it’s hosting prices and plans simple with just three plans to choose from. Pricing may seem slightly costly for beginners, but this is completely justifiable for a dedicated hosting plan.


WPX Hosting, at present, is the most widely talked about managed dedicated hosts. Its superb efficiency is able to provide you with one of the fastest and easily accessible websites.


WPX Hosting’s customer service is amazing.  It offers a help desk ticketing system as well as a 24/7/365 live text chat service with a super speedy reply time.

We Like

We Don't Like


WPX Hosting is a re-branded version of Traffic Planet Hosting. It began back in 2013 by Terry Kyle.  Now, this man has been in the business since 1998 so therefore knows and understands his customers and the problems that come with them.  He used his experience to better understand and create what he thought people would love to have and this is one of the reasons why Thrive Themes officially recommends WPX Hosting – it all comes down to respect. 

Terry Kyle found that the unlimited plans more often than not were backed by cheap servers which were overloaded with large numbers of websites which in turn degraded their performances. 

WPX has a 99% satisfaction rate and is by far one of the most trusted and widely used web hosting companies, with over 50 million page views each month at present. Their data center is located in the world’s biggest server center – Lakeside Data Centre, Chicago.

First things first…

Most of you are here because you already have an idea who/what WPX Hosting is, however, for those who aren’t completely in the know, please let me explain.  WPX Hosting is a high-performance website hosting solution which is designed for WordPress websites.  The WPX web hosting platform allows users site migration from one host to another – completely hassle-free and at super speed, AND with a user-friendly interface, They are a well-established company who have been the business for several years – which is another good reason to trust them.

If like many other people, you are looking for managed WordPress hosting services, you may want to take into consideration the loading time and website speed.  Of course, there are other important elements which I will discuss further on in this review.

Shared and dedicated hosting, what’s the difference?

Well, dedicated hosting is when an entire server is completely dedicated to a specific user.  Usually, it is located in the data center, and unlike that of a shared hosting plan (where the hosting space is shared with others), the user has full control of the server and is even able to choose their preferred operating system as well as other services.

Why Do You Need a Managed WordPress Hosting?

The main benefit of managed WordPress Hosting is that it eliminates the hassle of running a website.  It takes care of everything from WordPress updates, security and speed and uptime from daily backups. 

So, what is a Managed Dedicated Server?

This is a system whereby users are allocated an entire server for single use which is managed by the hosting provider – another great hassle-free option.   

It’s important to have the correct hosting platform to launch websites online as it will enhance internet visibility of the website as well as enabling it to be easily visible to targeted audiences.

Ultimately, it aims to improve site traffic, which in turn will improve ranking and positively enhance the business. 

So, just to surmise, if you’re expecting a huge amount of traffic to your website and want to move your business to the next level, then a managed dedicated server is a must. 

Currently, WPX Hosting is one of the most talked about managed dedicated host, providing users with the fastest and easily accessible websites.

It provides unbeatable web page loading time as well as super-fast dedicated SSD servers.  The pricing is extremely reasonable in comparison with its competitors which really does make it one of the best-managed WordPress hosts in the market.

What’s that, you’re wondering why you need faster web Hosting?

Well, it may come as a surprise, but many people aren’t aware of how important a fast web host is when running a website. 

Did you know that….

Believe it or not, the web hosting plan that you choose to launch your website on plays a huge role in how fast the page load speed will be.

To improve traffic to your site, you need a faster, safer and reliable web hosting service (together with perfect SEO). 

To make things a bit easier, I have listed 3 important reasons why faster web hosting platform is a MUST for your website.


An Incredible Website Experience

This is the main reason why it is SO important to use fast web hosting platforms.  For those who are looking to earn money via blogging, choosing the right hosting for your site that offers the least downtime is a MUST. 


Fastest Loading Websites

Most internet users prefer to visit sites that have fast loading times – with many not waiting very long after their first click.  So, remember fast websites = likelihood of more visitors.  


Enhances SEO

SEO is improved with faster web hosting platforms.  This will ultimately have a knock-on effect of the websites ranking on search engines and will ultimately improve traffic to your site.

So now you understand the importance of having a faster hosting service. Shared hosting plans are great when you have a new site or limited traffic.

Once you begin to experience higher footfalls, then that is the time to consider migrating your web hosting plan to an improved one or even a dedicated server, AND this is where WPX comes into play.

Who is WPX most suited to?

  • Users looking to purchase an outstanding managed WordPress hosting plan for their website.
  • Bloggers or users who sell products or offer downloads from their websites and who need super-fast website speed.
  • Those looking to improve their loading times


So, as I mentioned previously in this review, if you’re interested in a managed WordPress hosting service, no doubt your focus will be on both the loading times and the speed of your site.  A well-managed WordPress host can really offer so much. Usually, the main reason why website owners pay premiums to sign up with these companies is for PERFORMANCE. 

So, before I run through my user experience plus the features that WPX Hosting offers, let’s see if WPX Hosting really is as fast as it claims. 

WPX Hosting Speed Test

The multi-purpose and best-selling Avada WordPress Theme was used to test WPX Hosting’s performance.

Avada along with one of its demos was installed on a fresh WordPress installation which was hosted on an entry level HostGator shared web hosting account.  This was then compared to an exact configuration that was hosted by WPX Hosting.

Now for the results…

So, using Pingdom, this is what happened:

  • Budget shared host load time: 3.60 seconds
  • WPX Hosting load time: 1.97 seconds (which as 45% faster) !!!

There were also improvements when the loading times and page speed were tested using Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix. 

The results speak for themselves and prove that by upgrading from an entry-level shared web host to a much faster service such as WPX Hosting can have a huge impact on the loading times of the site.  When you look at the conversion rate improvements together with the user experience that can be achieved as a result of an increase in site speed, it makes a faster web host look even more appealing. 

Now, although I’ve spoken at length about site speed and how important it is, it isn’t everything, so without further ado, let’s have a look at what else WPX Hosting has on offer.

Daily WordPress Website Backups

Included in WPX Hosting’s’ service is that your website will be backed up daily.  To add more protection, the backed-up files are placed on a separate server and remain there for 14 days.  If, something was to go wrong, and the backup need to be retrieved, then there is no extra cost and you own backup solution including plugins such as BackWPup or BackupBuddy can be used, and you have the option to store the files yourself.  

Free WordPress Website Migration Service

Those of you who already have a WordPress website might be thinking if it is worth the effort to move to a faster web host.  Of course, there are tools and plugins available that help makes the migration of a WordPress website easier, but the process isn’t necessarily always straightforward.

Good news though…

WPX Hosting offers a free site migration service, which is usually completed within 24 hours.  The team moves your complete WordPress website away from your current web host to the new WPX Hosting account.  Also included is email migration which is associated with the website.

Email Service

Email is included in ALL of WPX Hosting plans.  This lets you receive and send emails while still using the address that is associated with the domain name of your website.  There is the option to have email forwarded to another address, for example, your Gmail account when initially setting up email.

Then again, you are also able to access the emails via a client such as Outlook, by webmail or via Smartphone.   Google Apps is also supported.


Straightforward Management Dashboard

I’ll cover the process of installing WordPress as well as setting up your website, further on in this review under ‘user experience.’  

Now, something that I consider important is how easy something is to use. Fortunately (for me!!) the WPX Hosting client dashboard is a breeze.

You have the option to select the exact time and date that your message are posted out to all your selected profiles, alternatively, you can use the ‘auto scheduler’ choice, which allows Hootsuite to schedule the time to post the selected messages to ensure the greatest impact and higher reading engagement.

Even though WordPress is installed via the WPX Hosting dashboard of the client area, access to your server can be gained via SFTP or FTP.  This allows you the capability of upload plugin files and themes securely via an FTP client such as FileZilla.  This client can also be used to download or upload other files to the server space. 

WPX Hosting Security

As a site owner myself, there are some elements that I view as being crucial.  One of these being security.  Recently, via Google sponsorship, WPX Hosting has begun offering SSL certificates for FREE.  What I love is that SSL activation is ultra-fast and simply requires a couple of clicks on the management dashboard.  Naturally, there may be small changes that need to be made such as redirects, but the fact remains that the process is even faster than I could possibly have imagined.

Now for the best bit…

WPX Hosting offers Sucuri for its users, and it’s absolutely FREE.  Included is HTTP/HTTPS security coverage, hack removal, malware scanning and of course DDoS protection. By including Sucuri protection on their plans, WPX Hosting eliminated my fear about my site getting hacked or cleaned. Well done WPX Hosting!!

Remember: You can't use cracked plugins or themes as they are prohibited on WPX Hosting, and you will get banned.


Back in the early part of 2016, Google began to favor websites that had SSL certificates.  So, rather wisely, as an added value service, WPX Hosting began to offer free SSL certificates and also deal with their renewal every 3 months. When the SSL has been renewed, you will receive a notification email to update you.  Also, users are protected using enterprise-level DDoS protection by Incapsula as well as malware scans being run on a daily basis.

WPX Hosting User Experience

As I promised earlier, this section of the review will look at what user experience is offered by this host.  To begin with, I’ll look at the sign-up process followed by the creation of an account, then the installation of WordPress and the launch of the new website. 

So, How Easy is it to Sign Up with WPX Hosting?

I’ve got one word to say to this – STRAIGHTFORWARD!!  I will discuss the hosting packages further on in this review, but once you have selected your chosen plan simply choose between paying monthly or saving up to $189 by paying yearly. 

It’s easy to register a new domain for your website or to continue using an existing domain name when using WPX Hosting. My personal preference is to register domains independently from the web host I’m using, simply because it offers more flexibility if I ever choose to migrate my website and domain to a different web host. 

Accessing the Client Area

Once the order is completed, you should be able to log into the dashboard of WPX Hosting.  From here you can easily view the billing details as well as configuring the account and services that are being used. 

Installing WordPress or Migrating a Website

To move an existing WordPress website to the WPX Hosting account, you will need to submit a migration request (which is free) and then sit back and let the support team take care of it. 

Those who are starting a new website can install WordPress onto their server space to get going. 

Don’t Worry…

If you’re a WordPress newbie, WPX Hosting has made the installation process incredibly easy.  To begin click on the ‘Install WP’ button followed by the ‘Install WordPress’ link, punch in an email address, for example, your personal Gmail one then click on ‘install.’

It only takes a few seconds for your new WordPress installation to be ready to use.  To complete the job and to start the new website you will be required to enter some details about it, such as the site title, language, username, and password to you are able to log into the new WordPress website.

WordPress installation is really clean when using WPX Hosting, and unlike other web hosts, no extra themes or plugins are installed.  The default Hello Dolly and Akismet plugins are included, however, as well as the latest versions of the default WordPress theme.  This is fab as it keeps things nice and simple and limits the amount of clutter on the WordPress dashboard.  

Within a few minutes of signing up with WPX Hosting, you’ll have yourself a brand-new WordPress website.

The Adding of Additional Domains or Subdomains

Even the entry-level WPX Hosting plan has the capability to host several WordPress websites from one account with the additional WordPress installations and domains via the WPX Hosting dashboard.

I like having the option of creating subdomains, even when hosting only one WordPress website. 


This is another feature which I deem as being REALLY important.  I want to know that when needed, help isn’t too far away.

So, what’s on offer?

Well, WPX Hosting doesn’t disappoint.  It offers a 27/7 live text chat service, 365 days a year as well as a help desk ticketing system.  I did contact support and am pleased to report that the response was quick and helpful and resolved the issue I had and answered my questions.  Another great feature is the ‘online knowledge base’ which is self-explanatory, this is really useful and should help answer any questions or help solve any issues.

There’s nothing more comforting than having a support team which doesn’t leave you hanging on for ages.  WPX Hosting scores perfectly in this area.  We all know that no website host can be 100% perfect, but WPX Hosting does come pretty damn close. 

Dealing with Problems on WPX Hosting

When dealing with websites, it is inevitable that at some point there will be problems.  Here is how my experience with WPX Hosting panned out.  I noticed that I had a problem with my site and sent a support ticket straight away. 

In under 15 minutes, I received a response that informed me that they were working to correct the problem.  Fast forward half an hour and I received a notification that the problem was solved.  Job done, bam what?? Yes, it really was that simple.


WPX Hosting Pricing Plans


$ 24
99 Monthly


$ 49
99 Monthly


$ 99
99 Monthly

As with everything so far, WPX Hosting keeps their hosting pricing and plans SIMPLE.  There are three plans to choose from, with the main differences being the number of sites that can be hosted on your account, the amount of bandwidth that can be used and how much storage is provided. 

So, just to make things a tad clearer, I’ve listed each plan and also provided a table of features. 

Business Plan: This is the best plan for beginners. It is perfect for bloggers as it is one of the top programmes you can choose to ensure ultra-fast speed as well as reliable WordPress Hosting.  This plan also allows the user to host 5 websites together with 50GB.  It provides 10GB of disk space and dedicated SSD and RAM servers to boost the site. All this for the extremely reasonable price of $24-99 per month. 

Professional Plan: So, this is very similar to the business plan but at a more advanced level, allowing more flexibility and offers.  This plan allows up to 15 sites to be hosted at one time together with 100 GB bandwidth, 20 GB disk space and dedicated SSD and RAM servers – all for the price of $49-99 per month. 

Elite Plan: Now, this is the crème de la crème which is extremely efficient at getting more traffic from your website.  This plan allows up to 35 websites, unlimited bandwidth, 40GB of disc space and dedicated SSD and RAM servers – this comes in at $99-00 per month.


  • Up To 5 Websites
  • Tier 1 Connectivity
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • Dedicated RAM
  • DOS & DDOS Protection
  • SSD Server
  • Application Firewall
  • Opcode Caching
  • 50 GB Bandwidth


  • Up To 15 Websites
  • Tier 1 Connectivity
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Dedicated RAM
  • DOS & DDOS Protection
  • SSD Server
  • Application Firewall
  • Opcode Caching
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
Best Balue


  • Up To 35 Websites
  • Tier 1 Connectivity
  • 40GB Disk Space
  • Dedicated RAM
  • DOS & DDOS Protection
  • SSD Server
  • Application Firewall
  • Opcode Caching
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

What I like is that the entry-level business plan still has the capability of allowing up to 5 websites to be hosted.  For those who own several websites or look after client’s ones, for $24-99 per month, this is certainly an extremely affordable plan.  You can receive a discount by paying yearly rather than in monthly installments.

And here’s the kicker…

You can try the services of WPX Hosting before deciding to commit fully, as they offer a 30-day RISK-FREE trial

So, Is WPX Hosting good value for money?

Well, compared to other leading managed WordPress hosting services such as WP Engine, WPX Hosting is certainly more affordable.  You get more for your money, in that you are able to host more sites all for a lower price (and don’t forget the superb customer support!!). 

Bonuses and Extras

I always like a little extra, and this still applies when choosing a web host.  Listed below are the other notable features that WPX Hosting offers.

Donations and Charity

What does this have to do with Hosting you might ask, well Terry Kyle loves dogs so much that every day he ensures that over 350 dogs receive proper nutritionally rich food and have access to medical help when needed. 

What’s that, where does the money come from?

The charity is made up from the money that you pay to host your website.  Another reason to feel proud to be a WPX customer. 

And Finally

The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

As I mentioned previously in the review WPX Hosting offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which gives you all your money back with no questions asked, should you find that it’s not the hosting for you.  Simply contact their (fabulous) support team, and they will process the refund.


WPX Hosting might not have been on the market as long as some of the other hosting providers, however, the services that they offer certainly are worthy of appreciation.  

Their secure and high-speed servers, excellent support team, affordable price plans, daily backup and facility for site migration is second to none.  These features are what set them apart from their competitors. WPX Hosting is straightforward to use and even if you want to upgrade your websites hosting provisions or simply begin a new project; then this is the Hosting option for you.  

Costing is kept simple with the 3 pricing plans and starting a new WordPress site couldn’t be any easier, plus for anyone with an existing WordPress website that is hosted elsewhere the FREE migration service will be a much-needed bonus. 

In comparison with entry-level shared web hosting, generally, WPX Hosting and managed WordPress hosting may come in slightly pricier.  But with prices starting from $24-99 per month, including the ability of hosting up to 5 WordPress websites, it definitely is one of the more affordable options. 

Faster websites both convert and rank higher as well as deliver the best user experience, this alone means that it is worth investing in the correct web hosting service.  It is proven that WPX Hosting websites are much faster than others and if that isn’t enough, you also have access to unparalleled expert help every hour and day of the week. With FREE SSL certificates, you can be sure to get higher rankings on Google and less abandoned carts.


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The foundation of your blog and online presence is your host.  This is why it is SOOO important to ensure that you are in the best hands possible, ones that are effective and reliable. 

The team at WPX Hosting has more than earned their reputation for top-rated management hosting solutions.  Managed hosting is great with WPX Hosting.

Still not sure, got a question, I’ll be personally replying to comments and questions that come in.

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