The Editorial Guidelines & Mission


It’s our mission to help our readers make the right purchase decision.

The team curate reviews headed up by an expert in the subject-matter in every product category we cover.  

Our product recommendations are the result of hours of meticulous research and comprehensive testing by Shane Stamford and the team, yes real humans – not algorithms.

The team are independent, unbiased and act in the best interest of our readers at all times.

We strive to review and make recommendations across a range of products, services, brands, and providers across all price points and budgets.

We know there is no one size fits all product – everyone has different preferences and budgets.

Some, not all, of the retailers whose products and services we review, may pay an affiliate commission which helps us fund our services and editorial team

 If you have any questions, opinions or comments that you would like to share with Shane Stamford and the team, please feel free to email [email protected] team


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