How to write a One Page Business Plan (FAST)
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#1 How to write a One Page Business Plan (FAST)

If you're starting out in business and need a business plan, why not keep it simple with our One Page Business Plan?

In this section, we’ll see how you can create a quick and easy business plan that contains all your company’s core points and objectives.

To have the best results, start simple and then elaborate later on down the road.

Don’t get bogged down with all the business planning jargon!

Bottom Line:

When you start, keep it simple.

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Not all business plans require the same level of detail, so a simple one page business plan could be just what you’re looking for.

Especially when you start your business, you might just need a simple plan which can later grow into a more detailed one.

Introducing the One-Page Plan…

#2 What is a Simple One-page Business Plan?

A One-Page Business Plan is a document containing a summary and bullet points of your company, where a traditional business plan will extend over several pages and use full sentences and paragraphs.

This is what you need when you are starting out, or if you have a very small business.

If you run or are looking to start a simple business, you definitely don’t need a 20+ page business plan!

To be clear: A “one-page business plan” doesn’t have to fit on one page, but remember – you don’t want to go over two pages!

Why is this important?
Because people often lose sight of the objective of a business plan.
If you’re looking to clearly define your goals and want a track to run on, a shorter, one-page business plan will suffice.

On the other hand, if you have a larger business or you need to raise finance at some point, you will need a more detailed business plan.


The one-page business plan is a living document and a great place to start to map out your business idea and goals.

You can always expand it with more a detail as and when required.

#3 The Investor Myth

If you think giving an investor a 20+ page business plan is going to impress them; you are very much mistaken!

Keep it simple…

A one-page business plan gets your business idea across quickly and efficiently.

When starting a new #business, keep your #businessplan short and simple!

#4 The One-Page Business Plan Structure

A one-page business plan needs to provide concise answers to several basic questions that must be addressed by any business plan.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what type of business plan you go for – whether you have one-page business plan, standard business plan, executive summary, an so on; these 8 business plans essentials must always be covered:

  1. An overview of the problem and issues your potential customers have
  2. How does your product or service solve these problems and issues?
  3. How your Business Model will make money
  4. What is your market, how you are going to acquire these customers, and how many are there?
  5. Why you are different, what sets you apart from your competitor
  6. You and your team’s expertise (Mini CV)
  7. Financial forecast/summary
  8. What capital you need and how you are going to use it

Let’s keep it simple…

To make things easier let’s break it down and answer the following questions:

  1. What problems does your business solve?
    Ask potential customers what they like about your competitors and their products or services.

  2. How do you solve your customer’s problem?
    If someone asked you how your product or service can help them with their ISSUE/PROBLEM what would your answer be?

  3. What are your sales and marketing channels?
    Where will sell your products or services? (If you’re going to be doing online advertising, list the types of digital advertising your planning here i.e. Google AdWords, Facebook etc.)

  4. What sets you apart from your competitor?
    What products and services do your customers choose today instead of yours?
    How are your products and services better than the competition that is already out there?

  5. Why are you and your team the right people to make this business successful?

  6. What do your sales look like?
    How much do you think you will sell?
    What are the costs to make your product or deliver your service?

  7. If you’re looking to raise capital for your company, how much do you need?
    What are you going to use the money for?

Think carefully about what you want to communicate to your audience.

The content of your business plan is, without doubt, the single most important thing—don’t worry or stress out about the look and design.

Far too many entrepreneurs focus their time and efforts on design and presentation rather than focusing on what is important: the content!

Don’t get me wrong, nobody wants an ugly business plan especially if you’re presenting.


Focus on the message you want to get across and make the content your focus. After all, that’s what it is all about, isn’t it?

Remember your simple one page business plan, executive summary or what you want to call it is usually just your first introduction to investors, and your first impressions count.

Investors will scrutinize your plan not only to see if you can think analytically about your business, but will also look at your ability to communicate.

The one page business plan will be a critical tool for any ambitious entrepreneur that will help refine your business model easily and quickly.

It may even be all that you need from a business plan!

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