70 Best Customer Relationship Management
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We've listed the Best CRM Tools
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If you’re looking for a better way to manage and grow your business, then choosing one of these great CRM tools will make ALL the difference.

In fact, I recently used one of these Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) myself to completely automate my businesses.

Here at EntrepreneursGateway.com, we’ve listed 70 of the best CRM tools out there so you can choose the BEST option for you.

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Infusionsoft is a marketing and sales cloud-based solution that offers many features including marketing automation, customer relationship management, and e-commerce functionalities, all from one suite that helps small businesses from various industries to deliver customer service and sales volume experience.  



With Ontraport you will be able to maintain astonishing customer relationships by keeping track of all online engagement, contact information, purchases and much more – all automatically!! All the information is stored in one place which means that you will always have complete and accurate insights into your business. 



Salesforce has been around for just under 20 years and has a large chunk of the market share when looking at marketing applications, sales applications, and customer services applications. It offers businesses the functionality and power of one of the enterprise level CRM tools, but in a flexible package.



HubSpot is perfect for start-ups and small businesses due to the free version of the CRM software – which offers amazingly robust features. For microbusinesses or sole proprietorships, HubSpot simply provides a modern spin on overseeing customer relationship management the old-fashioned way.



Pipedrive is a pipeline management web-based sales CRM solution that allows businesses to monitor their deals and plan sales.  Because it is a cloud-based application, this means that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and by using any web browser or dedicated mobile apps.



Sugar CRM is a great choice for businesses that are looking for user-friendly CRM tools or tech-savvy start-ups, due to it having a rich set of features and being developer focused.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is made up of a group of enterprise resource planning products which are designed for different market segments and which range from Dynamics AX which are geared towards medium/large organizations with multi-currency, language and legal entity capacity and dynamics GP for SMB’s. 



SalesforceIQ is a relationship intelligence platform which mixes together data from smartphone calls, email systems, and appointments in order to replace or augment standard database or relationship management tools.  It can scan over 10,000 calendar entries, emails and other data per minute at its first run.



Insightly is a CRM management solution that offers businesses the opportunity to manage communications, sales, documents, projects and to track contacts all from one platform. It is also available on mobile devices and via the web.



Maximizer is an all in one CRM which is pleasantly affordable. It offers tools to help manage support ticks, sales leads, campaigns plus loads more.  From best of breed integrations to rock-solid contact management, Maximizer helps businesses to achieve fab results.




Nimble allows its users to have all their customer engagement data available at their fingertips.  It gathers team calendars, contacts, emails, social interactions together with details of social profiles from absolutely everywhere and keeps it up to date.



NetSuite CRM software is the only cloud solution that enables the user to have a 360-degree view of their customers – and in real time!! It also provides a continuous overview of the entire life cycle of the customer, from lead to fulfillment and upselling.



Punchh was founded in 2010 and is firm which has under a decade of experience under its belt. It provides a host of acquisition tools to help brick and mortar retailers and has excelled among CRM tools.  



InfoFlo is a great choice for those looking for CRM tools as it is actually classed as being the best CRM software programme on the market. Some of their popular features include task management, sharing, and collaboration, calendar management, manual backup, CSV import and relationship management to name but a few.



Zoho offers everything that both marketers and business owners need to increase sales, manage day to day operations and boost their productivity. The software includes app creation and help desk plus loads more, and their customer service is amazeballs.


Infor Epiphany

Infor Epiphany has really taken CRM tools to the next level.  Their programming is extremely intricate and complex, but from the start, accessibility is accentuated.  This can handle any number of complicated and intertwined business tasks – and all from a single application.



Intercom is a CRM company that focuses on getting your product out to as many people as possible.  It is a trusted and experienced brand of experts, who have over 25K small and large clients, and four worldwide locations.  This software is perfect for those who want to retain, convert or support new clients.


Highrise CRM

This application allows businesses to tackle various important tasks.  Customers information can be stored in one place which then eliminates the possibility of inefficiencies occurring during customer service routines or important marketing campaigns.



TeamSupport is aimed at business owners who are looking for exceptional CRM tools. The TeamSupport professionals are skilled in being able to provide their clients with regular updates to ensure that business owners are always using the best available software.



Capsule is a practical CRM programme that offers businesses, various customer relationship solutions. Capsule keeps all the information in one convenient spot which makes things much more organized and simpler for team members. 



Freshdesk gives their users the capability to provide excellent service to their customers.  It is a complete ticketing and customer support system which is specifically designed with customer support functions in mind. 



amoCRM features practical automation tools which can be beneficial to business teams in both the retail industry and others that include sales departments.  The dashboard houses smart features that are easy to use and the programme incorporates an automated pipeline tool.


Agile CRM

Agile CRM offers solutions that address sales enablement, marketing automation, and customer service. Good CRM tools can nurture leads, speed up decision making and help to manage customer relationships more efficiently.


Clear C2

Clear C2 has been navigating consumer relationships for their clients since way back in 1993 and are definitely one of the more adaptable firms around.  As technologies improve, Clear C2 is always at the forefront and transforms with the times. 



Zurmo offers open source CRM tools with updates that will not break any of their users’ current custom-built installations. Their smart software helps companies make better business decisions. 


Solve CRM

Solve CRM has a wise approach to management and manages to encompass all aspects of modern business relationships. Since 2000, Solve CRM has been boosting companies’ capabilities to help them reach their maximum productivity.  Apparently, there is no problem that Solve CRM can’t solve!!


Nutshell CRM

NutShell CRM provides CRM tools to help customers automate their sales process.  The software is detailed enough to allow native integrations with Microsoft Office calendars and email and G Suite.  In many ways, the software does act like an IT department.



mHelpDesk is CRM software which focuses on companies that are looking for scalable and robust field service management solution. It can be used to automate billing, customer contacts, scheduling and a whole host more.  It is perfect for companies who often visit their customers out in the field such as construction companies, roofers, electricians, IT technicians to name but a few.



ClinchPad includes loads of features and tools that help businesses to tackle with different financial tasks and sales routines.  ClinchPad compiles data and formats the information in various ways.  It also makes examining chart data a walk in the park as specific areas are color-coded and labeled.



NetWise tech boasts loudly of its abilities to deliver nimble customer relationship solutions and software.  It can improve scalability, productivity and loads more. It has developed an advanced platform called ‘ClientSpace’ which meets the needs of customers who require CRM tools and workflow assistance. It also operates as a Microsoft Certified Partner, which means that it can provide service via the Windows platform.



Bpm’online CRM is a flexible CRM platform for medium to large enterprises and accelerates sales, service, marketing, and operations. The platform helps to align processes, data, and teams allowing them to adapt rapidly and to better connect with native digital customers.



ProsperWorks is an online professional CRM platform for Google Apps users, whose focus is on usability. It is the comprehensive tool that is required to automate core operations and oversee the specific needs of any business. It is definitely one of the most hassle-free, innovative CRM’s on today’s market.


OnContact CRM

OnContact is a WorkWise’s flagship customer relationship product that has been recognized for having several competitive advantages within the CRM industry. It is ready to use on mobile devices and offers a variety of operating systems. 



vCita is an all-in-one business management and customer service software which is designed for software providers, especially SMB’s and professionals.  The cloud solution mixes essential tools to help users to manage their everyday business operations and activities. 



RevampCRM is popular among CRM tools and is designed for small businesses and e-tailers. It helps to streamline workflow and automate reporting. Leads can be dynamically segmented and continuous automation workflows defined. Users can also automate a range of tasks including lead score, follow-up emails, and reminders. 



Monday.com is known amongst the corporate community as one of the leading project communication and collaboration solutions on today’s market.  It simplifies project and customer management by organizing and syncing information in a centralized database, which makes it possible for team members to make joint decisions. 



eWAy-CRM is a fully featured, comprehensive CRM for Outlook users within the retail sector that are looking to improve interaction with their customers. It covers a variety of sales and marketing extras that result in boosted revenue rates and smarter business decisions. 


Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems CRM is an online CRM platform that includes a complete suite of marketing, sales, and customer support. It is easy to works and works immediately.  


Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM claims to be able to support an unlimited number of users; however, its interface and feature set are definitely designed with smaller companies in mind.


Base CRM

Base CRM is a great choice for start-ups or small businesses which are looking for simple CRM tools which are also able to handle lead management. 



Apptivo is extremely customizable for those users who have particular branding needs or business processes.  It offers great mobile apps together with strategic choices for third-party integrations.



Scoro is business management software which is cloud-based.  It is designed for small to medium businesses, specifically those in consulting, IT and advertising as well as other sectors.  Scoro offers many features including tracking, project management, collaboration, work scheduling, CRM, quoting and reporting and dashboards to name but a few. 



todo.vu is a productivity suite which offers a unique blend of task management, CRM, billing functionality and time tracking.  It is perfect for consultants, freelancers and caters for teams of any size who are seeking to achieve improved quality, efficiency and transparency. 



Lumio is a CRM sales-focused tool which any size team is able to use.  Users are drawn in by the simple yet powerful design that makes usability its main priority. 


Salpo CRM

Salpo lies at the center of your business and personalizes interactions with prospects and customers. It has built-in GDPR solutions to help meet compliance needs. It can be used straight out of the box or can be customized to its users’ exact requirements.



HarmonyPSA supports the complete lifecycle of a business.  From contract renewal to lead generation, it is built and designed for services and software businesses. 



Emerald is a bespoke CRM solution geared towards tourism professionals. It supports the complete process of the value chain and covers all customer related activities from the first contact. Emerald gives its users central access to all relevant customer data from one single database and supports daily business with guided workflows.



Streak is the only one among all CRM tools which integrates entirely within your Gmail inbox and works in harmony with all your other G Suite applications. 


Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 is a free and fast-growing CRM software which is used by over 3.5 million companies worldwide. Features include email marketing invoicing and quotes.



Odoo is an open source set of integrated business apps suitable for CRM, websites, POS, e-Commerce, accounting, sales, HR, warehouse, marketing, and projects.



Goldmine is a CRM that is affordable, simple and proven and has helped to pioneer CRM tools.



Close.io is a streamlined sales platform that enables users to close more deals by tracking automatically all sales communication.


Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is software which is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses and helps them to grow sales, increase customer satisfaction and improve marketing ROI.


PlanPlus CRM

PlanPlus CRM is software which has the Personal Productivity Advantage.  PlanPlus provides its customers with an all-in-one solution for customer relationship management & support, sales automation, project management, email marketing and website integration.



Oracle is an integrated CRM solution that also features a set of applications that provide information regarding driven sales, marketing, and service.


NetHunt CRM

Among all CRM tools, NetHunt is a smart CRM system for Google Apps and Gmail and is great for managing business processes and interactions – all from within the inbox. 


SalesNexus CRM and Automation

SalesNexus CRM and Automation is one of the most intuitive, cost-effective and customizable CRM tools available on the market. 



Salesflare is an intelligent CRM software for small businesses and start-ups that are looking to make more sales by doing less work.



Relenta combines features of CRM, web-based email, task manager, online calendar and email marketing software.



YetiForce is an open sourced CRM system which features customized solutions, a user-friendly interface and a range of configuration tools.


Raynet CRM

Raynet CRM allows you to simplify your daily agenda, keep up to date with everything that’s going on and increase your business.



Is a complete and affordable CRM which allows you to track every aspect of your business, from customer invoices, overall costs to the time worked by your team.


Planner Dale

Planner Dale is a cloud-based, user-friendly and secure CRM which is perfect for managing contacts, finances, calendars, emails/SMS and service desks, etc.



Item8 is a CRM tool and billing SaaS that automates customer data, bills, invoices, and documents.



Raw CRM is a system which gives businesses the capability to organize their leads, tasks customers, contacts as well as track leads via the lead pipelines.


Sellf CRM

Sellf CRM is a cloud-based personal mobile CRM that enables small teams and salespeople to reach their sales goals. 



ZeyOs amalgamates all the features of ERP and CRM tools into one intuitive platform – from calendar and email to inventory management apps plus much more.



Leads365 is a cloud CRM which is designed to put actionable sales intelligence in front of salespeople. It was designed by sales people for use by salespeople.



Aqua is CRM management, sales force automation and analytics designed with healthcare, insurance business, real estate and retailers & wholesalers in mind.



Cloutos is one of the easiest sales CRM, and pipeline management software around that helps you and your team to deliver results.

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